What We Stand For:

1. Integrity
Honesty and strong moral principles

2. Responsibility
We take ownership of the good and the bad

3. Customer Service
The customer is always #1

4. High Standards
The bar for not only yourself but the brand

5. Quality
What we do, we do well

6. Teamwork
We accomplish more as a team than as an individual

7. Innovation
Breakthrough ideas keep us competitive

Our Story:
Nerducky is a leading manufacturer of electronic product. In its 20 years of production and development, Nerducky has achieved remarkable results as a factory and free brand manufacturer. The company is committed to innovation and promotes superior product development and environmental protection.

Nerducky's electronic product are fully compliant with US and European safety standards and are compliant with the latest standards. Products are in a leading position in quality and environmental safety.

Contact us at ben_joseph_dominguez@nerducky.com if you need further assistance.

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